Review: Fancy Pants

Calling people who love orange trousers and little stick people: you are now in heaven! Fancy Pants is a new app based on the gaming sensation that goes by the same name. The objective is simple: to collect as many Continue reading


Review: Rat on a Skateboard

Rat on a Skateboard is a great application from the legendary developer and game host donutgames, and is a fun quick, and action-packed game. You play as a rat who is skating along in what can only be described as a Continue reading

Review: Flipboard

Flipboard should come with your iDevice. It’s that good. Flipboard was named Apple’s iPad app of the year and was featured in Time magazine, and rightly so.This app is beautifully put together, and offers a great way to view all of your news sources in one simply designed app. It creates a customised, digital, magazine specific to the user, and Continue reading

Review: Talking John

Talking John is one of those novelty apps that is fun for the first few minutes of its short life on you iDevice, but then gets stored in the back depths of one of your iOS folders, never to be seen again. The concept is Continue reading

Review: SMradio

Self Modulation Radio (SMradio) is a great app from Stephen Moser, that offers a unique way to listen to your music. It really is a quirky way to listen to your muisc. Simply turn the dial and a song will pop up at random. Its 1950’s design also gives it a ‘cool’ factor that not a lot of music players do. Continue reading

Review: Temple Run

Temple Run is a great new game that is on the rise in the app store. The game is simplistic, with the aim of the game to get as far away from the evil vulture-like creatures chasing you as possible. As in many games, your speed is not controlled and gradually increases the farther you run. If you trip on a jump or a root, you stumble and Continue reading

Review: Asphalt 6

Asphalt offers an amazing racing experience for hardcore gamers. The great graphics and addicting gameplay make this game a must-have for any racing fans. There are 55 events, and cars ranging from the slow, compact Mini Cooper, to the thrilling, whipping fast Bugatti Veyron. There is a choice between free race and career, and the multiplayer works great, but there is one problem with this app. The garage, where you should be able to see the vehicles you own, is impossible to navigate, and there seems to be a maximum amount of cars you can have in your garage. So instead of being able to look at you orange Bugatti Veyron Super sport, you have to instead be satisfied with only being able to show off you Nissan or your Audi. Its Continue reading