Review: Fancy Pants

Calling people who love orange trousers and little stick people: you are now in heaven! Fancy Pants is a new app based on the gaming sensation that goes by the same name. The objective is simple: to collect as many black curls as possible, kill dangerous cartoon animals, and complete the level. The catchy songs, complicated levels, and cartoon setting make sure you never get bored. However there are a few problems with this app. First and foremost the UI is quite hard to figure out. You start your experience of Fancy Pants in a house, where there are doors for different functions (level select, character customisation etc.). Note that you have to run down to the bottom of the house to continue your progress. Another issue is that it doesn’t save your progress in the level, only that you started the level. This can become quite frustrating when you have to repeat a level two or three times. Last but not least is the size of the game. It wrongly states on the app’s website that is a little over 250mb but in actual fact it is 1.1 gigabytes! Hopefully the developers are working on this fix. Besides these three minor problems, the app is great value for money.

Fancy Pants is 99¢ or 69p in the App Store.

Update: The developers have fixed the size of the app and is a free update for Fancy Pants. Navigate on over to App Store>Updates to download.

The link below is a YouTube video of Fancy Pants gameplay:



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