Review: Rat on a Skateboard

Rat on a Skateboard is a great application from the legendary developer and game host donutgames, and is a fun quick, and action-packed game. You play as a rat who is skating along in what can only be described as a endless city sidewalk. You must dodge basketballs and bananas, all while getting as many points as you can. You receive points for doing tricks in the air, collecting floating orange stars, going through pieces of cheese, or grinding down railings. It is a simple game, but it’s a great game for say, while waiting in a queue or bus stop. There are three different modes: Power Stunts, Banana Harbor and Challeneges. Power Stunts is the normal sidewalk version, Banana Harbor is the endless sidewalk version, but with a twist: you have to dodge the endless assaults of bananas. In Challenge mode, you must complete mini levels and get the maximum amount of points before you complete each level. Rat on a Skateboard is a solid game which you should definetly put in your iDevice folder marked BORED.


Rat on a Skateboard is available for 99 or 69p in the App Store



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