Review: Night Sky

Night Sky is an app the really makes you say “wow’ when you use it. It is an application that makes your iDevice shine, and has been a hit for astronomy enthusiasts. There is no setup at all, just open the app and point it towards the sky. Night Sky is incredibly accurate with a great quantity of info available, and shows you constellations that you have never even heard of. There is an option to zoom in, but I find this really difficult without precariously holding the iDevice in one hand. There are some really cool features in this app, like the possibility to turn everything on the screen into black and red, to see where all the satellites are that are orbiting earth, and the option to zoom out and see all of the satellites against an earth background.

There is only one thing I would fix about this app. The Augmented reality that allows the app to ‘see what your seeing’ should be layers on the camera, because you have to glance at the iDevice, then glance at the sky, and then back and so on. It would be easier to see the sky through your iPad, and have the Augmented reality layered on top. I don’t think this would be too difficult to achieve, and would be a massive improvement. One last thing, before everyone runs outside: the music is totally creepy.

Night Sky is available for 99¢ or £0.69 in the App store.

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7 comments on “Review: Night Sky

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  3. My Night Sky app has never opened! Get an error message saying it cannot be downloaded at this time (and, apparently, never.) And the latest update appears to have stalled while installing. Other than de-installing and buying it again, any ideas what to do?

    • Hi,
      Let me help you: There are a few ways you can solve this probelm. Sometimes when an app is downloading and wifi drops or you leave a wifi area, it will stop downloading and be a pain to start again. If you are on iOS5 or above, you should delete the Night Sky App, and then go into the purchased section of the AppStore; find the app, and redownload it. This will make sure you do not have a “bad copy”. If this method doesn’t work please reply back!

  4. Night Sky: I have enjoyed my initial ‘play’ with this app. My exploring took me to the infra red screen but there I remain – all control icons are absent from the display! I have contacted the app producer for a solution.

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