Review: Desire

Simple, elegant and easy to use, Desire is an iPhone app that allows you to input all of your materialistic desires. Once you get some funds for that particular item, you can “deposit” that amount into your particular item, and see what percentage you have remaining to be able to afford your item.. The user interface is really easy to use, with big, colorful buttons, and an excellent history section where you can see all of your past withdraws and deposits. Sometimes however, this app is a little too simple. The next update should definitely improve the menu window, as it is particularly dull compared to the rest of the app. It is almost like all the color has been sucked out of menu and transferred to the desire pages. An iPad-oriented version or separate application would be great as well. I would recommend only buying this app if you have Obsessive Shopping Disorder and have found yourself in the same situation as this girl.

Desire is an iPhone app available for 99¢ or £0.69 in the App store.

Screenshots below:

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