Review: Tiny Tower

Tiny Tower is a portrait, built-it yourself game, that puts a twist on the average simulation game.  The objective of the game is to create as many floors as possible. As you create more  shops, whether they are creative, food, retail,  you will need more residential floors. These floors house your “Bitizens” and are where your Bitizens live.  If you tap on them,  their birthday, dream job, and current job will show up. If you place a bitizen in his or her dream job, than you receive two “tower bux”. Spend these wisely as these are a precious commodity that you cannot afford to waste.

‘Time is money’ is a phrase that really sums up the gameplay of ‘Tiny Tower. As you build up your tower, it will start to take longer and longer to build more floors. Game progress slows, and the game slowly loses its appeal. There are however, a few cheats to combat this. When you restock an item, it may take half an hour or more to restock your floor. This is when the cheating comes in. Navigate over to Settings>Date & Time and turn off the “Set Automatically” setting on your iDevice. Once this is done, a new bar will pop up below that is captioned “Set Date & Time”. Tap this and a window will pop up, allowing you to fast forward your iDevice clock. If you fast forward this clock half an hour, and return to Tiny Tower, the item will be done restocking. Use this for all you floors, and soon you will see your progress skyrocket.

Another ingenious cheat uses your Bitizens birthdays. After using the app for a while, you might notice that you receive a tower buck when it is one of your bitizens birthdays. If you fast forward your iDevice clock, as mentioned above, to one of your Bitizens birthdays, you will receive a tower buck. repeat this for every one of your bitizens, and you suddenly have a lot more bux than you did before. Both these cheats work on the basis that “Tiny Tower” relies on your iDevice clock to tell the game when items are done re-stocking, or when floors are finished construction.

There are however some downsides to this cheat.Tiny Tower is not the only app on your iDevice that relies on the clock. Your Calendar app, Messages app and Mail app all rely on the clock to function. If you change the clock, your will not be able to send email through the Mail app, you will not be able to send messages, and your calendar will alert you of things that will happen in the future. If you are a heavy user of these apps, or cannot afford your calendar to be messed up, than do not use this cheat.

Overall, I think ‘Tiny Tower” could be improved. It is a great concept, and is addicting for a couple days, but after about thirteen floors, it takes a couple days just to create one floor. Games like this do not give the end user enough satisfaction to continue playing the game. An update lowering prices, is all this game needs to be number one.

Tiny Tower is available for free on the App Store

A slideshow on how to use the cheat is below:

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