Review: Flipboard

Flipboard should come with your iDevice. It’s that good. Flipboard was named Apple’s iPad app of the year and was featured in Time magazine, and rightly so.This app is beautifully put together, and offers a great way to view all of your news sources in one simply designed app. It creates a customised, digital, magazine specific to the user, and you can add blogs, websites, and RSS feeds that you read or subscribe to. There is twitter and Facebook integration, and there are even timelines and news feeds that we are all so used to from Facebook. The User Interface is what makes this app so special. Simply flick, swipe or tap to view your article. There are a few things that should be changed however. It should be easier to find the settings panel, as the only way to change your settings is a tiny miniscule button on the main menu, which is impossible to tap. Another things that will bug you is that when you are reading an article, there is a little bar at the bottom of the screen that has the title of your article and some options to comment on the article your reading. It is a distracting element to such an intuitive UI. If these small nags would be solved in say the next update, than I would certainly be a very happy user.

Flipboard is available for free on the App Store.


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