Review: Talking John

Talking John is one of those novelty apps that is fun for the first few minutes of its short life on you iDevice, but then gets stored in the back depths of one of your iOS folders, never to be seen again. The concept is simple: say something, and the talking bacteria molecule will listen and talk back in a fun but annoying voice not dissimilar to Alvin and the Chipmunks. You have the option to record videos of your bacteria talking, as well as giving the bacteria food, giving them injections of what can only be described as laughing gas, and if you are really feeling like you’re in the germ-killing mood, you can put a little pill next to the bacteria, and then fling it to them to dissolve them. Unfortunately, just like regular bacteria, they always come back. This app is free, and there are other versions of this game such as Talking Tom and Talking Gina. Talking John the Bacteria however is the best out of all of these, unless you like giant talking parrots.

Talking John the Bacteria is available for free on the App Store.


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