Review: Parking Mania

Racing fans who are tired of mindless driving will welcome a new era of gaming challenges. Parking Mania is an addictive game for kids and teens who are in their pre-driving years. The 110 level game starts off easy with the basics of driving and parking your vehicle. There are three modes of driving: a steering wheel (which is the best by far) a dragging wheel, and an accelerometer, which is devilishly hard to control. Once you pass level 15 however, the  levels start to get progressively harder. Other vehicles such as mini- coopers and eighteen-wheeler trucks start to become available and the game starts to get really addictive. Once you master the art of parallel parking and reversing a truck into a tight space, Parking Mania will entertain you for hours.

Coins provide incentives for exploration. Collect all of the coins and you will  receive a gold medal for your efforts. With a 50-level expansion pack, horn that never gets old, and hours of fun, Parking Mania is a great app that everyone will enjoy.

Parking Mania is a Universal app available for 99¢ or £0.69 in the App store.

Slideshow of Parking Mania screenshots below:

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